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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dollar Shave Club's Hilarious Viral Ad - Funny Video

{Cool Damn Pictures} Tired of spending all your cash on those expensive store razors? Well, spend no more! It's called the Dollar Shave Club and they ship a razor to your door every month for just a buck!

According to the LA Times, "The company estimates that it will save members as much as $292 per year on shaving." But according to Mike, founder of, the clip you're about to see is one of the greatest (not to mention hilarious) moments in advertising history. 

Funny Video:  Dollar Shave Club's Hilarious Viral Ad

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Andrew Dickey Bicycle Parkour

{Cool Damn Pictures} Danny McAskill was so yesterday. Check out Andrew Dickey riding his bike on the streets of Melbourne, parkour style.

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Cockatiel Really Loves Chocolate - Funny Pictures

{Cool Damn Pictures} This cockatoo sure loves chocolate. When I saw this picture, no joke, laughed so hard I started crying. Cause the little bird is all like, “Forget it. I’m going to drink some damn chocolate from the fountain like a boss.”

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Mickey Mouse Made to Look His Age

{Cool Damn Pictures} Mickey Mouse was born in November of 1928, which makes him 83 years old today. Luckily for those who ever wondered what the mouseman would look like if he ever did age, using skills honed from a mask making class, artist Darick Maasen has created a vision of what Mickey would look like today, assuming micemen live on the same age lifecycle as humans.

Darick Maasen via Geekosystem

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Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders

{Cool Damn Pictures} Here are the smokin hot cheerleaders who will be joining fans in cheering on the Phoenix Suns in the upcoming season.

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