Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nature - Dangerous Cannonball Tree

Nature - Dangerous Cannonball Tree: Watch out for falling cannonballs. What you are about to see is a cannonball tree. They only grow in the Caribbean and if you are hit by one of its falling cannon balls you can die. Couroupita guianensis, whose common names include Ayahuma and the Cannonball Tree, is an evergreen tree allied to the Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa), and is native to tropical northern South America and to the southern Caribbean. In India it has been growing for the past two or three thousand years at least, as attested by textual records hence it is possible that it is native to India also. It’s rare, but also found in Bangladesh. Take a look. Enjoy.

exploding cannonballs01
exploding cannonballs02
exploding cannonballs03
exploding cannonballs04
exploding cannonballs05
exploding cannonballs06
exploding cannonballs07
exploding cannonballs08
exploding cannonballs09
exploding cannonballs10
exploding cannonballs11

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