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Strange pictures of colonial Vietnam

These images are illustrations in the book titled " Indo-deep "( L'Indochine Profonde ) JP Dannaud French author published in 1962. They are the photographer Raoul Coutard as the French, Jean Lhuissier, Kim Khanh, Pierre Ferrari, Guy Defive ... made before 1954 in many different locations in Indochina.
Here are the pictures were introduced:
Appears on the bustling streets of Hanoi.
This photo shows the time of Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi) has two bridge leading to Ngoc Son. The bridge on the left is The Huc Bridge, the bridge on the right is smaller, poorly built with bamboo.
Load of crap city streets.  
Teeth whitening service coffee on the sidewalk.
Many residents in Hanoi French colonization from surrounding rural areas.
Catholic men and figurines.
Matching silver roadside. The deck of the West were imported to Vietnam from France.
Fortunetelling outside a house.
The kids boxing set. These sports were introduced into Vietnam from France.
Farmers in military supplies to fight the reduction.
The urn that holds sauce piled high in a province in the South.
Flooding season in the Mekong River Basin.
Boat Festival
A girl of noble family Hmong in the mountains to the north.
Hmong women in a field of opium. Growing and processing opium giving them large amounts of cash commodities as well as many of the plains.
Besides, the Hmong people also grow rice, maize cultivation to ensure food supply.
Child labor Hmong already knew from an early age.
 Women of a tribe in Laos.
 Women of a tribe in Laos.
 A team of elephants in Laos.

According to the Vietnamese Land

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