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Saturday, October 31, 2015

These girls don't care that we can see their undies

Enjoy in these photos !!
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9 Awkward S.e.x Scenes Celebrities Should Regret Starring In:

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Friday, October 30, 2015

9 Awkward S.e.x Scenes Celebrities Should Regret Starring In

There's a fine line between edgy and cringeworthy.
#1 Vanessa Marcil in The Rock (1996) - what the viewers focused on was Nicholas Cage's horrifying emotions during the rooftop sex scene, 
not Vanessa's great acting skills. 
#2 Cameron Diaz in The Counselor (2013) - the famous windshield humping scene became a laughing matter, rather than controversial, as viewers found it silly. 
#3 Jason statham in Crank (2006) - his character injected with a deadly poison, must keep his adrenaline pumping in order to live. To keep himself alive, he suddenly decides to have sex with his girlfriend in the middle of Chinatown, with people watching. 
#4 Eric Bana in Munich (2005) - chosen one of the funniest sex scenes in Hollywood history, Eric Bana's appearance is something he is unlikely proud of doing, especially when many think the inclusion of the awkward Bana sex scene in the movie was unnecessary. 
#5 Jane March in Color Of Night (1994) - starring alongside Bruce Willis, the 20 year old March might have thought it was the key to her movie career. Quite the contrary, the risque scenes, showing explicit nudity, were a career killer for her, as she hasn’t made a single impactful appearance since. 
#6 Lea Thompson in Howard The Duck (1986) - Sex with a humanoid duck creature... it's amazing that this scene didn't shatter Lea Thompson's career.
#7 Angelina Jolie & Ethan Hawke in Taking Lives (2004) - the creepy sex scene with Hawke keeping his clothes on (even his pants) while looking hilariously awkward didn't make the movie any better. 
#8 Charisma Carpenter in Bound (2015) - with review headlines like "Charisma Carpenter’s career gets smacked," she most likely regretted taking part in the BDSM thriller. Despite being 44 and having a stunning body, movie critics found her role rather degrading. 
#9 Clive Owen in Shoot'Em Up (2007) - running and shooting people while having sex with Monica Belluci, clung to your body, is a dream stage experience, but still far more awkward, than badass. 

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Top 20 You Won't believe What WalMart Cameras Captured

Ever been at Walmart and suddenly felt like you were stranded in the jungle with tons of strange creatures swarming around you? Well, you are not alone and we have the pictures to prove it!

► Description: Top 20 Photos You Won't believe What WalMart Cameras Captured.
#1 Most Unusual
Yes! She really went to shop at WalMart dressed like she's going to a club.
#2 Wild Animals
#3 WTF!!!
#4 Low Rider Top
#5 What Is That?!
#6 Welcome To Chinatown!
#7 Wild Fox On The Loose!
#8 Makeup is Perfect
#9 Prehistoric
#10 Hot Pants
#11 Alternate Transportation
#12 Wearing A Belt
#13 Holding Hands
#14 Ready For The Club
#15 Shopping For A Shirt
#16 Cleopatra Eyebrow…?
#17 Too Much To Handle
#18 Quality Women
#19 Hoochie Mama
#20 Ridin’ Dirty


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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The World's Weirdest Schools

► Description: If you think your school sucks then consider one of these!
#1 Prostitution School 
In this Spanish school students learn all the do's and don'ts of prostitution. Here you could learn everything from the Kama Sutra to the proper ways of using sex toys. 
#2 Clown School 
The Ohio School of clown arts is simply that; a school for clowns. I guess it would be pretty hard to become class clown here. 
#3 No Rules School 
Based in Colorado this school literally had no rules. Students could smoke in class and bring pets. It has since closed. 
#4 Free School 
Free school isn't necessarily free. In fact the free part refers to its free nature. Learning is all self motivated, so if you already aren't motivated you may not want to choose this one. 
#5 Wizard School 
The Grey School of Wizardry in California is actually a recognized school. In this school you might learn things like alchemy, wortcunning, and stage magic. 
#6 Bomb Shelter School 
A school in New Mexico was set up as a bomb shelter school because of all the testing and "threats" of nuclear warfare. The School is actually underground...pretty cool. 
#7 Cave School 
There are villages in China that are too poor to build schools. Their solution is to hold school inside caves. Just watch out for bats! 
#8 Elf School 

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Reasons To Check Behind You Before Snapping That Selfie

► Description: If you want to take a great selfie, be mindful of what's behind you. No one wants to see your dirty toilet, or worse yet, don't fall.
#1 Check The Mirrors
First, you're mirror might be dirty, but look at the grossness in the reflection.
#2 The Truth
Mirrors never lie. If you're going to, then don't do it in front of a mirror.
#3 Messy Room
Clean it up before you take that selfie. Oh, and make sure none of your undesirable friends are doing something lewd behind you.
#4 Kickball
This would be sexy if not for the fact that she is about to get a ball up her butt.
#5 Three Girls And A Little Boy
They're all squeezed together, as if they won't fit in the picture, meanwhile, there's a lot of room for the little boy, playing ball, in the back.
#6 Perfect Timing
She's not going to be smiling for long.
#7 Toilet Pose
Why? Really, just why?

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Top 10 That Will Make You Look Twice

Your brain will get confused! Top 10 Photos That Will Make You Look Twice
#1 Zooey Deschanel
Zooey is completely different with brown eyes. . . Still pretty though, but now we know why blue eye contacts are so popular.
#2 Bubble Blowing
Who knew bubbles could get turned-on?
#3 This Cat
What? NO, i'm not a fat cat!
#4 Dirty Mind Test
No, it's not what you're thinking?! Look a bit longer..
#5 This Couple
Who is actually hugging who? Hint: Does she really have hairy legs?
#6 Horny Girl
Her true self appears ONLY in this photo.
#7 This Girl's Talent
This is MUCH more than planking! Actually it's the horsemanning photo fad..
#8 A 3-D Tattoo
This arm doesn't look like an arm, as it turns in on itself..
#9 An Optical Illusion?
Are you still looking? We are, but still no forest in sight here..
#10 'Ghost' (1990)?
There's only one real person here, do you know which one?

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