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Celebrities' Super Slimming Diet Hacks

Celebrities have dieting tricks on lock - check them out!
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► Description: Celebrities' Super Slimming Diet Hacks
#1 Jennifer Lopez 
 This fit singer is known to slim down with the grapefruit oil diet. She carries a vial in her purse and takes a whiff before chowing down. Studies show smelling the substance can reduce one's appetite and help with portion control. 

#2 Megan Fox 
 Megan's choice is the apple cider vinegar diet to transform her body. She claims the daily dose of liquid rids her body of toxins and helps boost her metabolism. A spoonful of the elixir has been recommended by many holistic health gurus, but make sure to drink plenty of water as well! 

#3 The Victoria's Secret Diet 
 One of the most intense weight-loss regimes, this is an effective way to shed pounds before a big event (not long term). Models like Miranda Kerr consume only one protein shake per day, mixed with powdered egg and followed by a gallon of water. With added workouts once or twice per day, the end results are the most famous figures in lingerie. 

#4 Gwyneth Paltrow 
 The queen of cutting-edge diets, this delicate fashion icon swears by a mostly vegetarian macrobiotic diet. Despite having a deep-fryer in her kitchen, she also employs a 21-day detoxifying cleanse that only allows one meal per day. She also chews each bite of food at least 13 times, proving for once and for all that it's not an unlucky number. 

#5 Beyonce 
 For the inventor of the word "bootylicious" the Queen B knows how to melt the inches away. To prepare for her role in "Dream Girls," she lived on the elixir of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne to slim down 

#6 Jennifer Aniston 
 Reports claimed this blonde bombshell stocked up on babyfood to prepare for a movie - consuming up to 14 servings a day. At least she didn't chip a tooth! 

#7 Christina Aguilera 
 This golden-throated chanteuse uses the seven-day color diet. One day could be white foods (i.e. cauliflower) and the next red (apples, peppers) and the next blue (blueberries), and so on. We're not sure if it's low-carb or just OCD, but it looks like it's working! 

#8 Lady Gaga 
 This lady likes to imbibe while she works - and then commit to exercise. She even works out when she's hungover! The science behind this? Hard liquor, like scotch or vodka, has fewer calories than other drinks. Plus, with enough water a quick workout can nip a hangover in the bud. Here she is with fashion icon Donatella Versace (l). 

#9 Brooke Shields 
 To keep this supermodel in the skinniest of Calvins, Brooke ate a half a grapefruit before each meal. The citrus is believed to have an enzyme that burns fat. Plus, eating a piece of fruit before a meal raises blood sugar, reducing appetite and helping you eat less.

#10 Sarah Michelle Gellar 
 Cabbage soup may sound unappealing, but the results are clearly phenomenal. Consuming unlimited amounts of the watery concoction plus low calorie fruits and veggies has helped her stay trim and, er, "buff." 

#11 Mariah Carey 
 This diva's special diet consists of fish and soups prepared with no sugar, salt or spices. It might taste bland, but she looks amazing. 

#12 Please, Sir, May I Have Some More? 
 Elizabeth Hurley has been known to adopt the watercress soup diet, having a cup of watercress soup six times a day as a meal substitute. The greens have very few calories and are loaded with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. 

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