Sunday, November 01, 2015

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating Behind You

Your suspicions might be right if your partner is DOING THIS!
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#1 Selfie Obsessed 
If your partner becomes obsessed with their reflection out of nowhere and loves the mirror more than you, they might be cheating. Everyone wants to be physically fit, but if they never bring up their plans for better health, their not doing it for YOU. 
#2 Pointing Fingers 
The first one to point the finger is usually the GUILTY one, and everyone knows that. They will accuse you of doing random things to ease their guilt...because they won't feel as bad if your doing something as well. But don't fall for it! Let their guilt eat them up, as it should. 
#3 The Phone 
The moment they become as secretive as a CIA agent, you should worry. They used to hand their phone to you with no problem, so what changed? Do they have a text they don't want you to see, or naked photos of another person? Biggest sign is if they REFUSE to give you their password, especially if they have "nothing to hide." 
#4 What's The Gift For? 
Most will shower the person they've hurt with material things, thinking it will ease their guilt and hurt they've caused..but they're WRONG. That should only raise your suspicions even more, especially if they're normally not the type to shower you with presents. It's not your anniversary yet is it? 
#5 Never Spend Time Together 
We all want to feel LOVED and paid attention to by our partner, so when that starts to fade it can break your heart. The first thing you will ask yourself is "what have I done to upset them?" But don't put that on yourself, they are showing less interest because their attention is somewhere else...on someone else. If they continually have excuses as to why they can't see you or have dinner, it's time for you to ask them straight up what is going on! 
#6 Too Happy 
This one may sound crazy, but if your partner is TOO happy when they return home, you should be worried. Yes, a smiling face can be great to see when they return home..but what is causing that happiness? When you ask why they're so cheerful, their reason had better match their excitement level. "Oh I just had a great lunch, thats all" is NOT a good enough reason...they're probably with their secret lover. 
#7 Business Trips 
Everyone needs their space, but if their "business trips" have more than doubled in the past few months, you should be worried! Those business trips come with hotels, which makes it much easier to sneak around with a random person. Perhaps it's time for you to plan a SURPRISE VISIT when they're know just to check in on them! 

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